We are Traveller’s Logorrhoea. Or rather, we have Traveller’s Logorrhoea. The condition of talking way too much about holidays we’ve been on. It is certainly our intention to do so here. This blog will eventually be bursting with travel tips, travel stories, and guides about what to do in various places around the world.

We will cater to all budgets, or at least to all budgets that are within range of our budget. Backpacking around Europe? We’ll have that. Cruises and resorts? Absolutely. Private jets and A-list events? Not so much.

You might be wondering why we chose a name that is so reminiscent of another unfortunate travel condition. There are good reasons. Firstly, because nobody else had taken it, but also because we don’t take ourselves too seriously here. Most importantly, because we want to take a warts-and-all approach to travel blogging. We’re not here to glamourise travel, or to use it to launch our prospective modelling careers.

We prefer to think of ourselves as journalists instead of influencers. There are places we’ve been where the water isn’t safe to drink. Where you can indeed get sick. We’re here to tell you how to not make our mistakes, so that you don’t end up in the burial chamber of an Egyptian pyramid, completely alone and too sick to move. Wondering how long it will take for someone to come get me. In short, this is a blog that intends to offer real advice for real people.

It’s not always glamorous, but it is always fun. The truth is, sometimes the worst trips are the ones that give you the best stories. And I’m nothing if not a storyteller. So come with us as we travel around the world collecting stories. Then go make some of your own.